To make positive choices, think prior to acting, and to make a beneficial  impact on my community in 2013 and beyond. I believe that education, non-violence, assisting others and supporting my community will make me a better all-around person.

If you agree, please SIGN YOUR NAME BELOW in the comments. Also, leave any relevant comments, your social media handles.


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-Any message that you want to leave about why you are making the pledge, and why you think it’s important-

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  1. Khadija says:

    I pledge to continue making in a difference by supporting our children by any means necessary. Giving them ears so that they speak and not be judged. Guide w/o being telling what to do. And by talking to them, not at them✌

    • says:

      Thank you Khadijah for your Youth Resolution! We are going to copy it to the adult pledge located here: http://youthresolution.com/2012/12/21/adultpledge/

      please be sure to share this page with any youth that you know and who are making a positive impact.

  2. says:

    [...] “In order for there to be a future, we have to preserve our youth, their morals, and make sure that they achieve the best out of life. We have to put them on the path to achieve,” said Project Co-Creator/Hip-Hop Artist Shatiff.” Young people are encouraged to make the pledge online. [...]

  3. Chance brown says:

    Chance brown. Founder of BreadGang. Aka CFB. ImCFB(google)

  4. Emmanuel Suyum says:

    I am Emmanuel Suyum. I am 16years of age.I am a Nigerian, I live in Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi state. I always want to make a change in my society, I always dream of impacting the youth, to have the right attitude and right approach towards live. Even though I don’t have any means of organising youth seminar, I speak words of encouragement to them and I invite them to seminars which the American corner organise for young people. Am seeing a positive changes in most of them.

  5. sonintcho msadala says:

    I pledge to continue in bringing a difference in a girl child’s life through vocational and life skills. The girl child is more vulnerable to a lot of things and i pledge my resources 2 help in bringing a future out of her

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