To make a positive impact on youth by encouraging those whom I come in contact with to make positive choices, think strategically, and resolute to make a beneficial impact on their communities in 2013 and beyond. I will use my voice as a leader to help advance the younger generation.

If you agree, please SIGN YOUR NAME BELOW in the comments with why you are making the resolution. Feel free to share your organization name as well.


Follow us on Twitter and we will follow you back! Thank you for committing to make a difference in 2013 and beyond. We encourage you to and stay connected to the project community! We have some exciting things planned for this year.

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Creative think tank + strategic communications agency. We mobilize, inspire, empower and build communities. Wordpress: bit.ly/TheBuildUp Web: ThinkBrownINK.com Twitter: @ThinkBrownINK

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  1. says:

    W.O.W Radio pledges to impact the youth in a positive way by providing them opportunities in radio broadcasting through internship or volunteering in our community projects. It is also our mission to provide them with opportunities in art, music, journalism & entertainment! “Indie Media 4 the Indie Spirt” <—- that's us!!

  2. says:

    [...] all of my brothers to make a pledge to mentor one young brother this year; just one.  Visit YouthResolution.com to take the pledge today! To find a mentoring program that fits, you can contact the HandsOn [...]

  3. Gadeer Ghannam says:

    I pledge to inspire and help young people achieve their goals and to keep their spirits up!

  4. says:

    I pledge to lead, motivate, challenge and inspire young adults to achieve at their highest level. I will continue to support and become active with organizations focused on impacting youth.
    Daron Pressley,

    Twitter: @daronpressley

  5. says:

    [...] about the 2013 Youth Resolution Project and our partners please visit www.youthresolution.com  Make the pledge to today to have a positive IMPACT on your community.   To learn more about FUNKIEDO [...]

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