Thank you for visiting. We hope that you join the YOUTH RESOLUTION movement to uplift today’s younger generation through

12 Months of Service. Our pages are filled with various initiatives that connect various adult leaders with youth of today. Contact us to learn more and to get involved.



The 2013 Youth Resolution Project is a community partnership program that unites various non-profit organizations, adult mentors with youth who want to make a difference. The goal is to collectively influence youth to make positive choices, think strategically, and resolve to make a beneficial  impact on their communities in 2013 and beyond. This program aims to reduce the rates of violence, high-school dropouts, prevent childhood obesity, help youth find their voices, while influencing youth leadership, positive choices and connections to faith-based and community organizations.

Step one: Raise the consciousness of youth and adults

Starting with a joint 2013 resolution. Please click and sign above.

Step two: Share! 
After you have signed the pledge, please share this page with at least one youth and one adult, and ask them to sign as well. You are also encouraged to spread this positive message on your social networks, and follow the  and #12MonthsOfService conversations on Twitter.

Step three: Create and Spread Positive Messages to Youth

Whether you want to join the 2013 Youth Resolution Project as a partner, program provider, have an idea for us to execute or are working in another group or capacity, the final step of the resolution would be to share and spread positive messages by utilizing education, mentorship, community programs, the arts and business to uplift youth and young adults.

The “Victoria” video below by hip-hop artist Shatiff () is an example. We’ve also included “No Bully” by 9-Year-Old Chi Chi Monet (). These two very different messages from an adult and youth demonstrate our focus on uniting the generations to make a positive impact on the future.
 If you are an artist with a positive message, please submit it to and we will share. This can be a video, song, event, etc. Messages from youth are encouraged!

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